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BOOK REVIEW-The Gates of Golorath

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

The Gates of Golorath: Chaos of Souls Book One BY R.M. Garino

The slow build in this storyline completely held my attention as Angus and Arielle, who are angels, endure trials as they train at the gates to protect the human realm from being overrun and destroyed by evil. Their military style training at the gates pushes them to discover who they are, other than their family lineage. In this fresh take on an epic angels vs demons story the author draws us into this sci-fi world were the reader is able to relate to the many struggles these two angels go up against. While they may be centuries old, they are still in their angel youth. The thing I loved most was their sin’del’s which externally showed what they were feeling and the sin’del’s also allowed for telepathic communication, it was a unique and fresh concept. The world and character building was a flawless balance of passion, action, wit, and fire in the souls of the protagonists. The houses were a bit confusing in the early chapters but became clearer further into the book. By the end of this first book of the series I was anxious to read the next book and find out what happens in the epic battle. I would definitely suggest this as a great read.

Without hesitation I would give this book and the author 4 stars

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