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"Sarann was a wonderful speaker! She spoke to a Women’s Ministry that I led not long after her book was released.  Her transparency, openness, and true dedication to helping others heal is exactly what was needed. I enjoyed hearing more background on her story, and what gave her the courage to push through! Her writing style are easy reads, and practical to grasp exactly what she is trying to convey. You are in for a treat!"  - Cassandra

"Author Sarann came in with a positive attitude today into our facility to read to the children. She was warming and welcoming. She interacted with all the children as she expressed herself through her reading. The children thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with her today. We appreciate the time she donated to our classroom along with the cute bookmarks! Thank you Sarann! 😊" - Amber & Amanda

SARANN'S AVAILABILITY: To schedule any of the following email 

- Guest Reader for Children: (At daycares, hospitals and schools)

          *Contact Sarann for current available dates

             (DUE TO COVID-19 there will be limited availability beginning February 1, 2021 )

-Empowerment Through Advocacy Guest Speaker

         *Contact Sarann for current available dates

            (DUE TO COVID-19 there there will be limited availability beginning February 1, 2021 )

-Author Mentorship, 30 min Sessions rates $15.00 

        *Mentorship creating author websites, writing, Indie Publishing and more

           (DUE TO COVID-19 there there will be limited availability beginning February 1, 2021)



Beginning today I am starting a QUOTE CONTEST. At the beginning of each chapter of RAGNATHORPE, my book that will publish the end of October or beginning of November 2019, there is a quote. I have decided to have a QUOTE CONTEST because I would like to involve my amazing fans in the process. 

What you will need to do:

1-Submit an original quote ON THE CONTEST TAB with your name as you would like it to appear in the book. By adding your quote to the Contest Tab you ensure that it is original and a quote of your own making.

2-The quote must be about one of the two following subjects a) Prophecy or b)expectations of the future.

What I will do:

1-I will select the quote that best suits the final chapter of Ragnathorpe.

2-The quote that I select will be published at the beginning of the final chapter and will credit you based on the name that you gave below, giving you credit for the quote. Also, your name will be listed on the back page that gives credit to each individual of the quotes that I used in my book.

3-The contest will end on October 28, 2019

*There is no financial compensation for the quote selected and Sarann will only select from quotes that are original and cannot be found through a web based search.

October 2019


Received some production feedback today and my heart is racing! I couldn't be more thankful and humbled by their words:

“What is so intriguing about the project is not only the title, but the concept and idea behind Paris’s true identity as Princess of Daego. It's a very well thought out story, one that intrigues producers.”

September 19, 2019


I just received the movie agency’s review of Daego’s Destiny Screenplay. This is completed before they start pitching it to the Hollywood producers!👏 I couldn’t be happier with their analysis! Now, send prayers, positive vibes, cross your fingers and toes and anything else that a producer wants to buy it and Daego’s Destiny hits the big screen!!


Evaluation Results

Your idea Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Secrets was rated as follows:

Creativity: 4
Pitch-ability: 4
Production Cost Feasibility: 3
Overall: 4

September 17, 2019

For those that are following my journey from novel to big screen I want to thank you for your support and encouragement . As hard as it may be to believe, the hardest part of this so far has been creating a logline. The logline is ONE sentence describing my novel. If the logline doesn't capture the attention of the producer then they will never ask to see the screenplay. Once I had the logline completed I then had to complete a one page synopsis of the entirety of the primary characters and plot. Again that was a challenge since author's are wordy creatures. I am so excited to announce that these requirements have been met. Now we just hurry up and wait for them to be reviewed by the agency and for the pitching to Hollywood to begin!  

Pic Me holding Script.jpg
Pic of Script.jpg

I now have the first hard copy of the movie script for Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Secrets in my hands! I couldn't have gotten to this moment with the support and encouragement from my family, friends and fans. THANK YOU SO MUCH! #surreal


It is still surreal that I am even making this announcement. Believing that this is possible is only because of the support and encouragement from my family, friends and fans, THANK YOU!


Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Secrets is now a screenplay, not just a novel! I have signed on with an agency that will be pitching this screenplay to Netflix, Amazon and HBO as an original movie!

June 24, 2019       NOW AVAILABLE
ATTENTION Family, Friends and Fans!! 
In July 2019 I will be releasing a Special Edition of Daego's Destiny. The Special Edition will be titled "Daego's Destiny Dawn of Secrets & Light. This Special Edition will have BOTH of the books in one. There has been fresh editing and a new cover. But what you really want to know is this ... THERE IS A NEVER BEFORE SEEN, BONUS CHAPTER, AT THE END OF THE SECOND BOOK, DAWN OF LIGHT.

Guest Reader Event June 24, 2019:

Sarann will be a guest reader for Story Time at Little Lane Daycare

May 24, 2019
ATTENTION Family, Friends and Fans!! 
As of today I have retired from Government Employment. Continue following my page for up coming New releases and more. Subscribe to my email list so that you receive these updates and future blogs as they are posted! As always, thank you for your continued support and inspiration! You are amazing, stay fierce my friends!

March 3, 2019



Starting today, March 3, 2019 through April 3, 2019 the person that gets me the most NEW subscribers to my WEBPAGE will receive a personalized and signed copy of their choice of two of my books:

Empowerment Through Advocacy
Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Secrets
Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Light

Once they subscribe they simply need to send an email giving your name as the person that referred them.

January 27, 2019




Follow Aster from an average city in Indiana to an ancient world in Scandinavia. Every obstacle in her path is going to strengthen her for her destiny. The truths about the gods will be revealed in this epic war known as Ragnarok, between gods, giants and humans! Are death, true love or both part of Aster’s destiny?

JANUARY 1, 2019
New Series
I have just started writing a new series, however, that doesn't necessarily mean Daego's Destiny ends with the Dawn of Light. :-)
DECEMBER 22, 2018


Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Light was released on

Find your favorite character as the Daego saga continues in book 2. Paris and Ash are battling new demons they didn't know they had. Some character's make and some don't. Be sure to read to the end and follow the interactive instructions a the end of the novel. I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

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