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The real story of John and Sara that inspired Sarann

While For Land or Love was not ‘based’ on a true love story it was ‘inspired’ by a true love story. Sara and John are a real couple that met in the 1940’s. To maintain their anonymity, I will not reveal their real last names. Walk with me on a journey through space and time.

Before John came into Sara's life she had lived a small town, midwest life on a cotton farm. Sara is not a gypsy but does have an Indian heritage. John was nine years older than Sara and when they met at the bowling John knew right away that he wanted to marry her. Sara had no idea how John would change her life. Sara’s father did not approve of their relationship. Not because of cultural reason’s like the book indicated. But because of more than just age reasons and reasons of his own. For a short period, John and Sara would meet in places like the local café in secret.

After Sara’s father made it abundantly clear that they were not to be together John left, not only their small town, but their state entirely. They were not in Wyoming. I chose to set the story in Wyoming because it has been Sara’s favorite place to vacation for most of Sara’s life. Sara loves rodeo's and the simple country life.

Even though John had left for another Midwest state he was never very far away. Just like the story, John and Sara were apart for two years. Until one day Sara received a letter from John saying that he was coming for her.

Sara’s father was still not supportive of their union, yet they were wed anyway. When John arrived he and Sara went across the street from her father's house and were wed by the local pastor. John and Sara then moved a few hours away from Sara's family and began a family of their own. Sara and John went on to have three amazing children. John and Sara remained married and John loved Sara until John took his last breath in the 80’s, and until death they did part.

I am blessed to call Sara my Grandma and to have had the opportunity to have written this book for her. With all my love, Sarann

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