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1-Sarann has been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter and she was born on Sarann's birthday.


2-Sarann has submitted Daego's Destiny: Dawn of Secrets movie script and it is currently being reviewed by multiple Hollywood producers.

3-Ragnathorpe has been published and is now available.

4-Sarann has published her first romance novella For Land or Love at the request of her grandma and has let her grandma's actual love story inspire the story. The setting is in Wyoming because her grandma's favorite vacation spot has always been Wyoming.

Sarann is a mother of two wonderful 20 something children. She is expecting her first grandchild in July of 2019. After spending her adult life in the United States Air Force, followed by being a Government Employee she decided to follow her life long passion and begin writing. Before she began her fictional writing career she wanted to help victims of sexual assault and/or sexual abuse.


Sarann’s daughter was a victim of child molestation by Sarann’s husband at the time and she hopes that her book, Empowerment through Advocacy, will help at least one victim or even a victim’s parent. Her personal account of what happened is coupled with some shocking statistics on the matter. While the events in the book took place in Europe, since that time Sarann and her children have come back to the United States.


She is now 48 years old and driven by her passion for the written word. Moving on into the Speculative Fiction genre with the Daego's Destiny Series. Influenced by her father at a young age, Sarann found enjoyment in science fiction. Saran has gone on to create three new realms Daego, Ondrea and Nyx in the Daego Series. Each realm truly unique in its own. Daego is a more utopian society while Nyx is a more dystopian society. Ondrea is the realm that prefers to, as some would say, keep to themselves.

Sarann is considering submitting the Daego series for consideration as an original TV series or movie. She is open to hearing your suggestions if you have read any of her books. Sarann previously had a blog in which she would give a personal review of books that she has read. In the very near future she will continue that here, on the BLOG page of this site.

In January 2019 she has begun research for a new novel, RAGNATHORPE, that is sure to bring you more action, more imagination and a whole line of chapters for you to fall in love with. Follow her on Facebook with the link below. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel to stay current on what's happening. Purchase one of her books through amazon at the button on her Books Available page. Stay tuned for more......

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