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Whispering Pines Campground and Thousand Trails Membership

We made our reservation through Thousand Trails and received a confirmation number on July 22, 2019. On August 19, 2019, the day xI was scheduled to check in I called Thousand Trails to find out the procedures for a late check-in. The Thousand Trails Customer Service rep called Whispering Pines and verified what the procedure was. When I arrived at Whispering Pines late in the evening my late check-in information was not available as instructed. I called the emergency number at the gate and the Whispering Pines Assistant Manager, Brenda, came from her home to the campground to assist me. She looked in her system and there was no reservation for me. I provided the confirmation number that I had received, and she did not have that. I told her that I had called earlier, and Thousand Trails stated they called her. Brenda verified that they had called but they only asked general information and did not give a reservation number or name. I had to call Thousand Trails and they said they did not have that confirmation number. I had taken a screenshot of the confirmation and showed it to Brenda. Thousand Trails did not do their job, however, Brenda at Whispering Pines went above and beyond to accommodate me. Once Thousand Trails made the reservation entry into their system Brenda was able to do her part. Brenda had one Thousand Trails spot available but because of my rig size she put me in a larger non-Thousand Thousand Trails site. Brenda then led me to my campsite and asked if it was acceptable and she stayed with me until I was parked. A couple of days later she came by to check on me and see if everything was alright. I am not happy with my new Thousand Trails membership as of right now. But I was very pleased with the service and my stay at Whispering Pines Campground. I recommend Whispering Pines to anyone camping in the Newport, NC area. Hopefully Thousand Trails will redeem themselves with the next reservation.

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