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Coming Late Summer 2019

Follow Aster from an average city in Indiana to an ancient world in Scandinavia. The truths about the gods will be revealed in this epic war known as Ragnarok, between gods, giants and humans! Are death, true love or both part of Aster’s destiny?

A captivating fantasy packed with magic and myth, as Aster discovers that she’s a seer like her father. Discovering her role in saving the human race was never a twinkling of a thought for her, much less part of her plan. Can Aster fulfill her destiny as the last hope against the Gods?

Knowing who she can and can’t trust along this journey will prove equally challenging. Especially as she finds herself falling for a stranger. This is yet something else that was not in her plans, however, the attraction between them is impossible to avoid. Every obstacle in her path is going to strengthen Aster for her destiny.

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